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Care at Aspen Facilities

We cherish every resident who walks through one of our facilities, and we are determined to help him or her succeed. We accomplish this by developing a culture of connectedness among our affiliated facilities and creating a detailed approach to delivering exceptional care.

Our affiliated team members are highly trained to provide residents with 24-hour assistance and customized treatments. They vow to treat each resident with the utmost respect, show daily compassion, and meet the needs of those they serve. 

Upon arrival, residents meet with a caregiver to receive instructions on how to use the call system, review their plan of care, and address any questions or concerns they may have. In addition, residents will enjoy a pleasant dining experience and the option of participating in a number of engaging activities.

 Life Tastes Good

When a new resident is admitted into a facility, he or she meets with the dietary specialist to discuss any dietary needs. The resident will then be given a dietary card that displays food restrictions. This procedure ensures that residents maintain a healthy diet during their stay.

Our affiliates create an incredible dining experience for the residents by providing them with home-cooked meals ranging from grilled chicken breasts glazed with fresh lemon to a spring salad covered in a light vinaigrette dressing, wooden dining tables with cushioned chairs, and a meal plan that is tailored specifically for them. Alternate dishes will be available per request of the resident. 

If residents are hungry throughout the day, beverages and snacks are available. 

Never Too Old to Enjoy Life

Does your loved one like to draw, play games, or go to the movie theater? We understand that sometimes the best therapy is doing what you love with the people that you love. That is why our affiliated facilities create an environment that allows your loved one to pursue his or her passions while making friends. 

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, active social interaction among seniors can lower their mortality rate and delay memory decline. Our affiliates encourage social interaction by having weekly activities and monthly events.

The best way to discover what the residents want to do in their spare time is by asking them. Our affiliates hold regular council meetings that allow residents to share their ideas and plan future events.

Some of the activities residents have the option of participating in are the following:

Card Games

Board Games

Arts and Crafts

Television Shows

Friday Afternoon Socials

Weekly Outings

Weekly Entertainment

Birthday Singing Grams

Holiday Parties & Festivities

*Each resident has unique limitations—some more severe than others. To combat these limitations, we break our residents into groups based on their level of ability. This ensures that all residents can interact with others and develop new hobbies without exceeding their comfort level.